[Harp-L] re: Spiral from LO plates

Hello Robert,

Thanks for posting details on making a spiral harp from a Lee Oskar richter.
I do pretty much the same thing. That makes at least 3 or us here - me, you
and Crazy Bob. Please send the PDF and blank master you mentioned.

You said:
".....my spiral tuning chart.....I list the semitones to change for each
hole. You calculate the notes for each key. (Easier than it sounds)....."

Here is a link for a page called

"Music Theory: Keys, Scales and Triads"

It lists the individual notes for each major diatonic scale and tells how to
get the notes of the relative minor scale from each major scale (which I
find useful when I want to make a spiral minor harp with the root note on 2
draw instead of 1 draw like it is on the major spiral harp). The advantage
of the minor root note on 2 draw is you have the 5th of the scale at 1 blow
and the chords and many of you licks are in the same place as in the major
spiral tuning.

 I find this chart very useful for changing a richter tuned harp to a spiral
tuned harp. It eliminates the need to "calculate the notes for each key".


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