[Harp-L] Mojoville Lives!

Life is good. 

At long last my band MojoVille is finally starting to get off the ground. For almost a year we've had a series of false starts, setbacks, wrong personnel, quirks of fate and down-right strange and unforeseeable circumstances that have cropped up one after another and kept this project from coalescing into anything. Now we're actually starting to gig regularly and I'm feeling darn good about it. 

When you get a minute, please check out my new website on Reverb Nation. It's a work in progress (I'm very new to this), but I've got a couple of demo songs posted there that I hope you check out: Pawnshop Bound and She Caught the Katy. 

Best wishes to you all.

As always, harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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