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For those who are interested in a "do-it-yourself" project using Lee Oskar harps to
get Circular tuning, here's an alternative to spending your time retuning individual

Purchase a Lee Oskar harp in a specific key and also a set of Lee Oskar reed plates
that are one whole tone lower in pitch. For example, an "E" harp and a "D" set of
reed plates. The least expensive Lee Oskar harps I got from Coast-to-Coast Music.
The least expensive Lee Oskar reed plates (excluding the set that Lee Oskar sent
me) I found on Amazon. The combination price of the two is about $45.00, which
doesn't hurt too bad.

You can then substitute reeds around on the "E" harp (moving some reeds from 
blow to draw and vice versa) and some of the reeds from the "D" reed plates so
that only one of those reeds has to be retuned (up a half step). In terms of labor,
it probably will take less time, and the end result is that you will have the natural
note reeds in the slots (except for hole 9 draw, if I remember correctly) rather
than a lot of reeds that have been altered to pitch. You end up with an "E" Circular
tuned harp, which has the music key of "A" as the reference key.

Please note that to get the "G" Circular Tuned harp, you have to use a Low F. 

You can do this with any combination of harps and reed plates, not just Lee Oskar. 
My reason for using Lee Oskar is simple: Lee Oskar harps hold up better FOR ME 
than any other. (Please note: I have not yet tried the Seydel Session Steel; that 
may end up being my harp of choice as soon as I can afford to get them.) If you 
like Lee Oskar harps, I guarantee you will like Lee Oskar Circular Tuned harps!

I laid out all of the reed pitches and which reeds have to be swapped into which 
slots before starting. I have a generic template that I used. I'd give the switching 
layout here, except that my wife is on the computer that has the document on it, 
and I have to go to work soon. If you are interested, I can send you a copy of it 
as a PDF file. Just send me an email offlist.

Crazy Bob

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On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 7:04 AM, Robert Coble <robertpcoble@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I usually take a full set of Spiral (Circular) harps to a gig, 

I wish Circular tuned harps had been commercially available when I started 10 years

ago AND that I had been aware of them. It is a much better design for the genres and

style of music that I play. YMMV.

Crazy Bob

                          That is a very concise description and assessment of Spiral. I'm on that path of exploring how much they can do for me. Thanks for the encouragement. I am a Lee Oskar player and unconcerned with overblows.

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