Re: [Harp-L] Blow 10 down 1/2 step

Robert Hale wrote
<"Became interested in the Blow 10 tuned down 1/2 step .....
<Diatonic players will need to raise Draw 5 by half, too, but I've just
<altered a Melody Maker for the same purpose."

To which Tony Eyers replied:
<Sounds a bit like my Major Cross tuning, details at 

I referred to this as the "Once in my Life" tuning a while ago, when I posted a piece to Youtube showing how Stevie Wonder's chromatic harp solo on "For Once In My Life" can pretty easily be played on a diatonic with this tuning. You can hear it, along with the same solo played on chromatic, here:

I think it's a great tuning, and I think tuning the blow 10 reed down a half step makes all kinds of good sense whether or not you re-tune any other reeds.  Having the major third in 2nd position at the top of the harp is a lot more useful in most cases than having the perfect 4th up there, and you can easily get the minor 3rd with a 1/2 step bend.

Regards, Richard Hunter  

Regards, Richard Hunter

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