Re: [Harp-L] Good Luck East Coast!

JustÂstowed every thing not nailed down away, filled up the generator, LP gas and water, and the chainsaw is ready, sump pump all hooked up, and plenty of candles to play byÂif all fails.Ânow that Iâm prepared for once it will most likely pass us byÂbut I doubt it.Â

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Got the crabs, the beer, the Old Bay, and plenty of propane to steam them. We're all set here in Eastern Virginia!

John Watts, Coast to Coast Music
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From: Mike Rogers <bullfrog9@xxxxxxx>
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Getting ready, here in Maine. Groceries, gas for the generator. Hope I get 
my weekend gigs in.

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Subject: [Harp-L] Good Luck East Coast!

>I hope all stay dry and safe. If the power goes down thank goodness our
> instrument is "ever ready". Plain jane dry acoustic like a baby at birth.
> Wail on soldiers in the storm :-)
> WBee

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