[Harp-L] Living the Blues-was the Blues Life

Hi All
I think that we'd all agree that 'Blues' as a musical genre, is one that deals with pain and suffering as part of its main-stays.

Blues is a music that honestly engages with life's many nadirs (low points).

That said a musician uses their ability for empathy when playing the rich stories lines contained in the song lyrics.

We don't have to kill our lovers to play 'Frankie & Johnny' with emotional honesty.

While I can understand the idea that life can be and feel so bad that a person can turn to drink and or drugs in a vain attempt to make it feel, if not better then, at least less bad. By NO means am I advocating the use of drink and or drugs as a means of gaining respite from the the hardness of a hard life. The truth is that while one may feel less bad for a short bit these things nearly always end up giving a person an
extra area of problems that they don't need no matter how their life is.

I really feel that the key to playing songs that deal with situations, that hopefully we never personally never have to be in, is* empathy*.

I have lived through things that I really wouldn't wish upon another. The Blues songs that I have written about them are the only good thing
that came from those times.

It's always also worth remembering the saying "there but for the grace of God go I", if one gets the itch to be judgmental about the lives of others. Addiction may start as a choice but it is none the less a very real illness.

It can be hard in the entertainment industry as one is often being offered a drink (or worse) by a fan at the break and there is also the dumb
'Sex, Drugs & Rock an' Roll' mythology. It can be a subtle fall often starting with a few drinks before a performance, in order to loosen oneself up, or the occasional use of stimulants in order to deal with the long hours. The number of good reasons for doing the wrong thing can be endless. However I'm not saying that one should live like a monk either.

As a teacher I often make students aware of 'state related learning'. Basically 'state related learning' is: that if one is in an 'altered state' when you do something for the first time you will find that you can only access the memory when you are in the same or a similar state.

However you don't have to be off your face all the time to recall stuff that you did first when in a 'state'. All you need to do is visualize your self doing what ever it was that got you into that state and that will create trace elements that are enough to access those 'state related memories'.

Any one who is having to deal with the illness of addiction, weather directly or indirectly has my sincerest sympathies and wishes for a sure recovery.

Yours David

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