Re: [Harp-L] Re: Private lives, off topic, off limits

I agree with Bill's sentiments. 

There have been many instances over the years when a lister has had health issues, stolen gear, made bad decisions, or whatever. Since we are sort of a cyber family, the "L" is a place of sharing info, good and/or bad, regarding players and their lives.

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Quoting   "The private lives of various minor harmonica celebrities do not fall 
topical guideline of "all things harmonica". 

While I 'think' I understand the intent of the message, there seems to be a 
here. How can commentary or inquiry on a harmonica player NOT fall under the
"all things harmonica" guideline? 

Second, the term "minor" when applied to a particular harmonica celebrity is 
To some, a particular player may have "minor" appeal, or "minor" celebrity 
status, to many others
that player may fall well within "major" celebrity status. Who decides and what 
criteria are applied? 
It is of some importance, particularly if some 'guideline' is being applied 
based upon an arbitrary
judgement of a players celebrity. 

Was Little Walter a minor celebrity or major and should we refrain from 
discussion of the factors
that ultimately led to his demise? Should we avoid discussion of William Clarke, 
Paul Butterfield or 
Gary Primich for any particular reason? Just asking....

Bill Otten


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