[Harp-L] Was: Looking for Bassman type amp - Now: Harp Friendly Jam Sessions

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Greeley/Loveland/Ft Collins region.  First page is an editorial which  you can 
choose to skip, then comes the jam  list sorted by day of the week & venue name.  
When known I  include what gear the venue and the host band provide for the 
guest  musicians, including whether or not a harp rig is available.  Also  
things such as driving directions, whether there are stairs to climb, if  
the event is all ages, if food is available + other relevant  details.  
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If you're in Colorado or Southern Wyoming, my own harp friendly 'Kinda  
Acoustic' jam is once a month on the first Thursday.  Monroe's  Lounge / Best 
Western Hotel on Hwy 34, just off I-25 across from  the Loveland Outlet 
Stores.  Next one is Sept 1st.  I don't mind  sharing, harp amp & killer Twin 
Tone mic provided.  
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Harmonica Microphones
www .harmonicaplanet.com 
On 08/24/2011 07:36 PM, jonlewandowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have  just been asked to host an open mic in town and I am in need of a 
Bassman type  4x10 amp that is harp friendly. Of course budget is limited, 
but let me know  what's out there...thanks....Jon

wow, pretty friendly.  i've never  been to an open mic that was remotely
that harp friendly.  around here  it's usually use your own or play through
the PA.  one jam hosted by a  local guitar god won't let you use your own
amp, and the one they supply  (when they do) is either feedback city or

good for you for  caring enough to do it right,

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