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This was a fine article. I confess I couldn't relate to the "shapes" of the guitar chords, particularly, but I printed them out, took them over to the piano and played them. I recognized two (I think), and was unsure of the other two.

It's not uncommon at the blues jams where I play for someone to call a song and say to the band, "Key of A. It's like 'Kansas City'," get more or less of an acknowledgement from the other band members, then give the count and start in.

Here's the link to just the guitar chords part:

So. Figure 1 is a 12-bar blues with a "quick IV", and no turn-around shown. (Neophytes, feel free to call me out on this if I'm not being basic enough for YOU.)

Figure 2 is like "Key to the Highway," maybe? Someone help me out, here.

I think that Figure 3 is or is like "Stormy Monday". Clarification from someone who actually knows?

Figure 4 is a mystery to me. Can anyone relate it to a song that is relatively well known?

I am very slowly expanding my aural repertoire of chord sequences. If I hear one more than a couple of times, I start to think, "Oh, yeah, *that* sequence. Hmm." Maybe I'll ask the bass player or guitar player after the set what it was, and maybe I'll remember it long enough to sort it out at home. And if not, there's always next time. It's a leisurely process. AND I'm always grateful for a leg up!

Elizabeth (aka "Tin Lizzie")

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Here is a link to an article in Premier Guitar Magazine's article "Anatomy of a Blues Jam" which may offer a few tips about how they work from the perspective of guitar players. As I recall, they are the guys running most of the blues jams, so it might be helpful to get inside their heads.

Also, on one of the pages, there are a series of guitar chord boxes. Check out the names of the chords in the progressions: for a few tips on which way some tunes may go.

Also, for the more adventuresome, check out the shapes in the guitar boxes for some clues about what chords the guitar player is playing. Not all guitarists will use these chords -- but some of them may pop up and if you recognize them, you'll know which chord he is playing.

hope this helps

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