[Harp-L] Chuck Fendall

This guy was a monster player and multi-talented musician.  I had the good
fortune to play and learn from him for many years.  His record collection of
78's are outstanding and worthwhile.  He would transcribe them (up to 10
parts) and the Sharp Harp in San Jose would play them.  These transcribed
manuscripts have been put into the SPAH "Chuck Fendall" Library.  Don't miss
this opportunity to get some historical records.


From: JOAN VIRGO <joan_virgo@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] FW: Chuck Fendall of Vintage Records for Sale

<Chuck Fendall, famous harmonica player, left a wonderful collection of
records to his daughters (and I am one of them) and we have decided to sell
it.  I have catalogued the title, orchestra/artist, and flip side of each
record and have attached the file to this email (in 2007 Word format).  The
asking price for this collection is $600 and they are all in good condition
(none broken).  The collection must be picked up by buyer in Monterey by no
later than September 17, 2011, as I will be leaving for Arizona for a few
months.  I can arrange to meet part way if that is not convenient (no
farther than San Jose).  Please contact Joan Virgo @ 480-200-5641 if
interested.  It is worth far more than $600.  There are harmonica pieces in
this collection, as my father was a very talented harmonica player, as many
of you remember.> 		 	   		  

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