[Harp-L] This Little Light of Mine

cool ukulele. it has now become "hip" due to the "Hey Soul Sister" song by Train. Wondering if Madcat has ever tried to incorporate this song into his vast repertoire. It would help break through to a larger commercial audience that resides outside of our small community. 

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WOW, I sure missed a landmark SPAH, THAT looked like TONS O' Fun....Madcat &
Buddy are killin' it for sure...take me to church!,-)

Thanx Rob Paparozzi

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> Peter Madcat Ruth and Buddy Greene together at the 2011 SPAH Convention.
> check it out:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPOvZRvaL1o
> Peace & Joy,
> Peter Madcat Ruth
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