[Harp-L] FW: Chuck Fendall of Vintage Records for Sale

Chuck Fendall, famous harmonica player, left a wonderful collection of records to his daughters (and I am one of them) and we have decided to sell it.  I have catalogued the title, orchestra/artist, and flip side of each record and have attached the file to this email (in 2007 Word format).  The asking price for this collection is $600 and they are all in good condition (none broken).  The collection must be picked up by buyer in Monterey by no later than September 17, 2011, as I will be leaving for Arizona for a few months.  I can arrange to meet part way if that is not convenient (no farther than San Jose).  Please contact Joan Virgo @ 480-200-5641 if interested.  It is worth far more than $600.  There are harmonica pieces in this collection, as my father was a very talented harmonica player, as many of you remember. 		 	   		  

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