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From: Matt Meshbane <insaneinthemeshbane@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 6:58 PM
Subject: Jovitas New Contact Booking Form / Please Return filled out asap
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*hi y'all. *
*some of you may not have heard from me in awhile. i guess i should give you
a brief update, i'll try to keep it short. *
* i've been staying busy since march waking the Sleeping Giant that is
Jovita's, and working on the 3 degrees fest(july 2012) in my spare time. *
* Jovita's family took me under their wing and has allowed me to implement
some changes and improvements to this Historic Austin Landmark.*
*  we've put in new WiFi, a new menu, and we've installed a new stage on the
front porch. we have live music now 6 nights a week on two stages!*
*booking singer/songwriters and full bands on both stages. ALL GENRES
* On the main stage, we made improvements to the sound system. we have 32
channel board, and we now have 4 monitor mixes on the main stage!
* i am getting a piano for us next week! i found a very nice mid 60's
baldwin upright spinet in mint condition, recording studio piano, one owner.
please come down to Jovita's and play it for me!*
* next up: a backline drum kit and bass rig. (tax write off anyone?)*
*                *
* Here's the main thing i'm emailing you about:*
* i'm about to get the new jovita's website up and running! it will still be
jovitas dot com, but i am taking it out of the HTML format, and putting the
whole damn thing into a Wordpress format, with a Google calendar.*
* i need to be able to provide your latest links to your various web pages.
please tell your genre and give me your: band logo/gowalla/myspace
/indieonthemove/garageband/ music/art/youtube/facebook/googleplaces/links
to your music or art related businesses/reverbnation/yelp/foursquare/twitter
* please fill out the following google form and return as soon as possible.
in the near future, i will require anyone who plays here to fill out the
form. booking at jovita's will be a lot more streamlined, and it will help
me help you promote your shows, and keep me in better contact with
everyone. *

*i want to make the booking here easy for everyone. *
*i'm considering bands for residency's, twice a month or once a month, from
jan. to july 2012, with the possibility of you getting a sxsw slot and one
of 100 slots available for the 3 degrees fest, 300 bands, 3 weekends, 4
stages, one killer location, july 2012 Jovita's, Original South Austin. *
Matt Meshbane
Jovitas Booking
3 Degrees Fest

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