[Harp-L] Re: Astatic Roadhouse mic screw on connector off spec?

Well....  I found two of my many screw on connectors to fit the
Roadhouse mic.  One was a relatively recently made Switchcraft cable
end connector.  Two other recent Switchcraft cable connectors would
not work including one that is visually identical.  Also found a no-
name 1/4 in adapter that worked.  My Switchcraft adapters did not.

The shell, paint and grill look and feel pretty good.  The volume pot
works OK and is at spec.  The element sounds pretty good, with
reasonable frequency response but is less hot than my best vintage 151
element.   There were two foam rubber disks between the element and
the grill.  Removing them resulted in more edge to the tone but not
much change in volume.  The Roadhouse cable connector works on my
vintage JT30 shells.   I tried several mics using the roadhouse cable
and there seemed to be less bottom compared to my usual cables.

Overall, a reasonable value for $50.


On Aug 23, 7:48 pm, johnnyac...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Jim, Yes I've had to switch them out for others. There Smaller than the switchcraft 2501's
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> None of my standard issue screw on cable connectors fit the female
> connector on the Astatic Roadhouse JT30. Has anyone else had this
> problem?
> Jim R

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