[Harp-L] Fat bottom mics

Hi Lara, thank you for the kind thought.  
       I emailed Chuck with my post and  he filled me in on his situation. 
It is all he can do right now to deal with his  own physical issue, as well 
the highest emotional situation we all have or  will experience, and thanks 
everyone. Even with his mind consumed with pain and  emotion, his thought of 
creating a document to send to all customers once he can  get past this is 
there, and it will happen. He will not leave anyone hanging,  and will do it 
the way you have experienced how he has conducted  himself in all dealings 
with everyone during his pioneering career. Chuck  is still the only person 
I have dealt with who mastered the meticulous art of  dissecting elements 
the way he does, and have received other's attempts. He not  only took the 
time to doing something unique, but he actually practiced his  skill, was very 
fair and honest - if an element could not be fixed or  brought up, he told 
you so. He saw this through for many years, which  is how we became so close 
while only talking maybe once or twice over 15 years.  Same core values. You 
want to start building a shrine to someone, do it for  him.

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