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I ordered a chromatic harp from David Harp years ago, spoke to him on the phone about it before hand. I found him accommodating, courteous, and very straightforward about what he was selling. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase something from him again so long as I spoke to him first, mainly because his website seems so out of date (still offering cassette tape??) that it makes me wonder if it's just a left-over remnant of a discontinued business.


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Subject: [Harp-L] Juke in C?
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Lamar, I don't know of any sheet music or tab sheet with Juke in C, however there still may be cassette or CD available that can help you.  The tape I'm talking about is by David Harp.  On this tape he breaks Juke down in parts and explains it quite well.  
Now, it is only fair to warn you that Mr. Harp has his critics, he is not what you call a blues master, but he a good teacher.

By the way, David Harp uses an A harmonica in cross harp for this demonstration.  Follow him closely, when he says blowin hole 3 on the A harp you blow in on hole 3 on the C harp, inhale on hole 5 on the A harp you inhale on hole 5 on the C harp.  Following his instruction you will end up playing Juke in the key of G Major on a C harmonica. 
The problem, of course, will be you won't be in tune with David Harp and this is where I concur with Mr. Rubin you should get a harp in A. 

If you need a low price, but decent harp try the Suzuki Folkmaster. 

I really don't know if this link will really help or not, but give a shot. 



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