[Harp-L] Re: Astatic Roadhouse mic screw on connector off spec

The JT-30 Roadhouse has a good shell but is otherwise cheaply  made.  You 
certainly can have a different connector installed on the  mic & use a better 
cable.  The screw fitting on the mic &  cable is a non-standard thread, 
many standard 5/8' screw  on cables won't work with them, the ones that will 
attach don't fit  correctly & will become glitchy.  The provided cable is junk 
and  WILL quickly fail.  For much less money than a proper  connector 
retrofit, you can disassemble, reinforce & reassemble  the original cable. 
At the reduced price of $50 & free shipping from Musicians Friend, the  
Roadhouse can be a good starter or backup mic once the  cheesy cable has been 
taken care of.  It doesn't hold a candle to an  old JT-30 with an MC-151 
element, but a good one of those can sell for  well over $200. 
If you buy a Roadhouse you can have it shipped direct to me  free from 
Musicians Friend.  I'll properly rebuild the screw  fitting end of the cable 
with a triple layer of high quality self  gluing heat shrink tubing, different 
sizes over the different parts of the cable  & connector just like I do on 
my high end customs.  Only $15 +  actual return shipping cost.  Add $5 if you 
want me to also  reinforce the 1/4" end with 2 layers of self gluing heat 
shrink.  I'll  also look over the insides of the mic, no charge, and let you 
know if there  are any manufacturing deficiencies that should be addressed. 
Other mods such as element swaps or fitting replacements are  always 
available.  If you already have a good mic with a dead  cable just send the cable 
& I'll perform the  same repair.
I revised my free Harp Mic Buyers Guide last Feb.  If you have an  older 
version, or if you haven't seen it yet you can request a free copy.   Just 
mouse over the 'Harp Mic's tab on any page of my Harmonica Planet  website and 
click on the drop down menu item.  www. harmonicaplanet.com 
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Harmonica Microphones
www. harmonicaplanet.com  

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