[Harp-L] Re: Astatic Roadhouse Mic screw on connector out of spec

Hey Jim--I just got a new Roadhouse mic this week  and you're right about the 
screw on connectors. It seems that the mic's screw on depth is longer than the 
depth of the connector. The supplied cord's connector has enough play to 
facilitate screwing on. Actually, I haven't used the supplied cord because I 
have a high quality cord that I got from Dave Barrett a few years ago. It was 
lying around so I just plugged it in to check out the mic. Great cord by the 
way, and I'm impressed with the mic's tone and for $49/no shipping from 
Musicians Friends, well, I just couldn't pass it up. So, I'd say screw it and 
check out Barrett's cords if the supplied one goes south or you don't like it.

See ya--
Ricky B
RIVER BOTTOM BLUES--a novel for blues fans due out Spring 2012

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