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That's exactly what I feel too about this, Rick. I  don't believe it's 
because I'm particularly partial to chromatics  since his way of playing 
chromatics is so different from what I do and what I'm  used to hearing. Besides 
the technical mastery, Dennis just swings, and  it's infectious.
Rusty Zinn (don't know who the drummer is) is a well-known guitarist who  
came to SPAH a couple of years back (probably with Mark Hummel). Accompanied  
Jason there, among others. I don't know a whole lot about him, only that 
he's a  superb guitarist who leans towards Reggae and old-style R&B, toured 
with  Mark Hummel and backed Kim Wilson (pretty good creds)<G>.
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Subject: [Harp-L] Subject: Re:  Dennis Gruenling Masterclass
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I dug the diatonic thing yesterday, and this even more. The
guy has  great ideas, not just a sound.
I guess that was chrom. in 3rd, mostly octaves  with a bit of judicious 
button. Way to go!
Pretty cool band,  too.

>>> <EGS1217@xxxxxxx> 22/08/2011 11:59  >>>
Anyone thinking Dennis Gruenling plays purely technically sans  'emotion or 
passion' should disabuse themselves of that notion  immediately. Here's a  
performance from a David Barrett  MasterClass.


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