[Harp-L] Subject: Re: Dennis Gruenling Masterclass

I dug the diatonic thing yesterday, and this even more. The
guy has great ideas, not just a sound.
I guess that was chrom. in 3rd, mostly octaves with a bit of judicious button. Way to go!
Pretty cool band, too.

>>> <EGS1217@xxxxxxx> 22/08/2011 11:59 >>>
Anyone thinking Dennis Gruenling plays purely technically sans 'emotion or  
passion' should disabuse themselves of that notion immediately. Here's a  
performance from a David Barrett MasterClass.
You can't see very much - the vid's a bit dark. All the better  actually, 
it helps one listen to his playing. Along with the brilliant  Rusty Zinn's 
guitar Dennis revs up the excitement level so those in the room are  caught up 
in the music and on their feet by the end of this incredible  performance.
Even so, you really DO have to see him play in person to appreciate how  
good he is.  Another under-rated player by far too many.  While assuredly a 
perfectionist, that doesn't make him a purely  technical player by any means 
(as a couple of people here seem to have  implied). 
His study of Swing and Jump Blues, the old-time and sometimes  
long-forgotten players of that style, his Radio Show where he devotes time to  airing 
their music...all needs to be appreciated far more. Dennis is also a  great 
friend to the Garden State Harmonica Club and invariably performs at our  
Festivals when he can.
Want to enjoy more of this - in person? Come to this  year's Festival in 
November (3 - 5) at the Ramada Inn, East Hanover, New  Jersey.

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