[Harp-L] Re: Going solo

One should perhaps take into account the "freak factor" when it comes to harmonica. This works two ways: "Wow, all of that with just a harmonica!", which of course is the positive side: lots of skilled and electronically enhanced players are giving people surprises in what can be achieved with this "toy".
  But you also have,"Is it only going to be a harmonica? Naw ..." -- and to counter that, a guitar or piano is great. (Several good points by John Potts in another post as to why.)
Personally I´m not sure if I´d go to see a one man harmonica band doing a three hour show ... (sounds a bit on the long-ish side for most instruments), despite many years of playing harp and a stable interest in the thing. The amount of variety you can create probably wouldn´t suffice, in my prejudicial view.
  With a good guitar player, OTOH, it would be quite a different matter: going from, say, two acoustic instruments to the full range w/ electronics can be quite powerful.
  Also, the living interplay between two musicians is often a nice thing to behold.
But if you do get out by yourself, it would certainly be interesting to hear of the reactions. (As well as to hear the music.)
Mike Fugazzi wrote:
For you one man band types...anyone able to pull off a three set
show?  I am getting to the point with work, my booking agent, and more
importantly my family, that I think I'd be content doing solo shows.
I've been rehearsing for a year (and have done two sets) with just me,
my rig, and a looper.

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