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"Steve Russonello" wrote:
<Thanks Richard, I would like to check out the Digitech, and run a comparison... the motivation with the Boss and <the Eventide is that I have an opportunity to purchase at a good price, but had never seen them mentioned in the <effects forums. Haven't really seen many players, guitar or harmonica, using Digitech in Australia.

Ian Collard wrote to this forum once to say that he loved the Digitech RP200 running my patches with a Labtec AM-22 mic.  I have at last a half-dozen licensees for my patches in Australia--maybe you just didn't know that was what you were listening to...

Like I said, nobody ever regretted buying an Eventide.  If the only thing you want the Boss for is the rotary effect, it'll certainly work.  I do think a Digitech would give you better value for money.  

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