[Harp-L] Effects Pedals: Any experience w. Boss Rotary or Eventide Time Factor?

I am always concerned about how a pedal effects my tone when it is NOT engaged, so I generally prefer pedals that are true bypass. Boss pedals are NOT true bypass, so I stay away from them. But i have heard a keyboard player using the Boss RT-20 and it sounded pretty good. Eventide Time Factor is true bypass. Eventide gear is supposed to be very good but I have no experience with Eventide.

What i use for rotary sound depends on what amp i am using. If I am playing through my SWR Baby Baby Blue bass amp (solid state power stage with tube preamp) I use a DLS RotoSim which sounds great. With a tube amp (Fender Super Reverb Reissue) I will use a RetroSonic Chorus on its vibrato setting which is more of a rotovibe effect that I think sounds better with tube amps. Tube amps have a "texture" that sometimes messes with the sound of certain effects but the RetroSonic seems to interact well with the tube "texture" whereas the RotoSim does not, although it sounds terrific with the SWR. I will also occasionally use the Chorus setting on the RetroSonic every now and then for an eerie sound which can be effective in the right spots if not overused.


Btw, which Rivera amp do you use and how do you like it?


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