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Whatever happened to the Chicago I was born in and used to know?
Whatever happened to ....... fill in the blank.

Think of a massive virtual bulldozer paving mega super highways.....and ask yourself, would I want to operate a record store in the year 2011?

Sad, but true, all you can do is embrace the benefits of those changes, like for instance, the Harp L forum...


Steve Russonello
Southerly Change, Australia

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Subject: [Harp-L] French Music Stores
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I just returned from a great trip to Paris, France. While there, I made it my business to locate and look at any local music store I found. After asking around, and checking the internet, how many music stores (dedicated to musical instruments, not to sheet music and/or recordings) did I find? Zero. Was I just not looking in the right places? I asked at local stores, and nobody knew anything.
I also was surprised to find a significant dearth of street musicians in Monmartre, and in Le Metro. 
What happened to the Paris I used to know?

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