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Hey all,
Big Walter has claimed he taught LW and Sonny Boy ll  in their early  
years. He was older than both of them, so it might be true. The claim is during  
an interview on the album "Lookie Here", on the Stoney Plains label.   
I have heard that Big Walter was known to tell a story known and then. But  
I can believe that he gave some pointers out  to younger players   back in 
the day.
Chris Mastakas
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Hi  Glenn,

That's another release of the debated Sun recording...various  ideas on who 
ccould be, but it is very unlikely to be Horton  playing.

In terms of who is imitating who, whoever recorded the Sun  version , he 
have to have been imitating Jacobs because it was  Jacobs who named the 
track. On 
the actual day he recorded Off the Wall, he  initially called it something 

Regards,  Mark.

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Looks like Big Walter did record OTW. It's on  this disc-
Blues Harmonica Giant: Classic Sides  1951-1956

Glenn  Weiser

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