[Harp-L] Practice Kit eg iphone software etc. Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 96, Issue 47

I use and like some ipad software and sometimes play harp through it, but while I use it for "woodshedding" - ie trying out ideas, sounds etc - it is a very good idea to practice with the same kit you are actually going to play through under concert conditions. Even differently set up harps do not play identically and if you add a mic, amp and a few effects then you need to practice getting the sound you want from that exact kit rather than making a blunder with the equipment mid solo. This is one of the reasons I play with minimal electronic equipment. Another is that the temptation is there to mess about with kit seeking that ultimate sound, rather than actually blowing harp. Your ultimate sound comes from you and the amplification rig is just ornamentation, often cumbersome and unreliable ornamentation at that. Of course nowadays hardly anyone plays truly acoustic - without the output being somehow amplified or recorded - but I prefer to keep it simple. Practice the equipment so you can use it automatically and the more stuff you need to tinker with the more practice you need. 
Richard Hammersley
Scottish Borders

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