[Harp-L] Re: '79/early Princeton or VHT Special 6?

I think a Princeton Reverb would be louder assuming it is in good
shape and has an efficient speaker. Being push-pull, it would have
more cut if you aren't micing.  That being said, I OFTEN use a VHT
miked with a four piece rock band.  I own the PA, so I can obviously
get it right in the mix.

If I had to go unmiked, I'd get a used PR Reissue.  They can be had
for under $600 (often for $500) and are pretty solid for harp
unmodded.  By the time you get two VHT's, something to connect the
two, and mess around with tubes and speakers, it would be close to

Personally, if I were spending $500, I'd want something like the
PR...One amp, less setup, more power, and more volume.  Two VHT's
would sound awesome, though.  I just don't think they'd be as loud as
a single PRRI, which can be loud.  I remember trying one and not
getting it past 3 in a room for about 75 people unmiked.  It blew my
VibroChamp away in every way.

On Aug 19, 4:57 pm, Rick Davis <bluesharpa...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Joe, If I were you I'd just by two VHT Special 6 combo amps and use them
> both.  Killer harp tone right our of the box, and two of them daisy chained
> would be loud enough for gigging.
> --
> -Rick Davis
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> On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 1:22 PM, joe hagins <joe_hag...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >   I need all you gigging harp people help with this..So I have narrowed
> > down my amp choices to either the '79 and earlier Fender Princeton (Reverb
> > if I can get one on a good deal) or the VHT Special 6 head with a custom 2x8
> > cab (around $250 to have it built). Idealy I want a 15watt 2x8 smallish
> > combo which makes me lean towards a Princeton as I can have a new baffle
> > made for two 8's, but it will cost a lot more than the VHT Special 6
> > head/custom built 2x8 cab setup.. Which way would you guys go given these
> > two options?
> > P.S. I want to run 8"s because I already own a Weber 8A125 (4ohm) and plan
> > to pair it with the 8A150 (4ohm)
> > Cheers,
> > Joey Anchors

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