[Harp-L] memories of spah

So I'm driving the 916 miles home and during my 19 or so hours on the road, I went over every molecule that I could remember. It then occurred to me that I need to thank some people. Well, the number came to over a hundred, so I had to cut it to a 'Clean' dozen. The rest of you know who you are and that I still love all of you too. To say I drove home high as a kite would be an understatement. 
Let me explain. 94 percent of the public has a deportment and behavior pattern that is par (average), Then there are 3 percent who are so laid back that it's like they are on 1 sedative. Another 3 percent are so animated that it's as if they are on 1 accelerant. Well, I was 1 ABOVE par. I was so fired up. So here goes. I feel compelled to thank: In no particular order as they are all important. 

1...Michael Rubin. For allowing an old man to slip into the 'magnificent 6 + 1' on 'Have you met miss Jones'. 

2...M. Tom (Stykeforce) Stryker. F or inviting me to host the jazz jams. And Warren B. for having faith in me. 

3...Manfred Wewers. For letting me share what I know at my 'Country Tuning + More' presentations. (with repeats lolol) 

4...Grant Osborne. For opening my eyes to diminished tuning and enduring lunch with me. AND the fabulous 'Prize'. 

5...Tall Paul Davies. For inviting me to participate in the variety show. 

6...Todd Parrott. My 'one to watch' this fest. (every fest I pick someone...for the last 30 some). :) 

7...Pat Bergeson. For his guitar work. And his lovely wife Annie for vocals on 'A foggy day'. 

8...Elizabeth Hess. Her seminar on timing has taught me to now be able to write my own arrangements. An epiphany. 

Sooo, now it's time to crawl back into my shell and revert from 1 above par to 1 below par. See ya'all in Dallas. Be there or tear your hair......... 

smokey-joe & the cafe s....................... appear at 'the Edison' / Ft. Myers country club. 

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