[Harp-L] re: Become a Solder-Tuner

No problem, just heat up the de-soldering braid to draw it off the reed."
lay out the reed plate
place shim under all 10 reeds
scratch/score the reed tips to accept solder
solder each reed tip (that was quick!)
begin tuning (Not so quick)"

What is a desoldering braid?...never heard of it.

I slip one big piece of paper along all 10 reeds but under only the reeds I
need to put solder on and on top of those I don't.

I use flux to help the solder flow - just a small dab on the reed. And have
been experimenting with not having the solder go to the very end of the reed
but keeping it back a hair by applying the flux starting just in from the
end a bit. This reduces the chance of catching the end of the reed when
filing. So far I like the results.

I like to file the excess solder off with one of those Seydel electric
grinders....it's fast when your doing alot of reeds. Just watch you don't
catch the reed tip!

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