Re: [Harp-L] Can anyone recommend any good iPad software for recording band rehearsals? Thanks.


I subsidize my family income writing apps for the iOS platform, and have
been working on an app for harp players to help train their ears getting
their bends on pitch.  I've learned a good deal about the platforms audio
capabilities.  The devices including the iPad have very good (reasonably
flat) frequency response above about 150 Hz, but they are pretty deaf below
that.  Anything below D2 or so will be pretty attenuated, so your bass
player and drummer probably won't be wowed by the results.  It doesn't
matter what app you use, the limitation is in the hardware (the first gen.
iPhone didn't have this limitation).

Given the above noted limitation, there are a lot of apps that will do the
job. I particularly like the free versions of "Audio Memos SE", "Omega
Recorder" (the word Omega is really the symbol, but gmail's web interface
won't let me enter it in my reply), and "iRig Recorder" (you don't need to
buy the iRig microphone to use the app, it'll work with the built-in or an
external plugged in).  To get the most out of the free version of the iRig
Recorder app, you need to register and give them an email addy.  The
downside of iRig Recorder, is that it's an iPhone/iPad touch app, so it
doesn't take advantage of the full screen on the iPad, but it is a pretty
nice recorder, it does editing as well, but I find the editing function to
be pretty kludgy (no undo), so I do editing on my laptop (it exports .m4a
files, or .wav for an upgrade fee).  If you decide you like the iRig
Recorder app, before upgrading in app to get add on features, consider
getting the full paid version, it gives you all the features at less cost
than the individual upgrades.

Hop on the App Store, and do a search for 'audio record', 'voice record', or
'voice memo', there are a lot of apps with the capabilities you seek.  Try
out the freebies to find the features you want.  Some of the freebies will
limit the time of each recording, so read the descriptions before you play
the perfect practice session only to find that the app you're using only
captured the first 15 mins.

FWIW, although I write iOS apps for a living, I have no fiduciary or
monetary interests in any of the above listed apps.


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