[Harp-L] ART FORM vs. Science (Technical)


Art informed by science?

Science driven by art?

If you just practice technique and copy set pieces, or just read from sheet
music, you may find it difficult to improvise.

If you just improvise without practicing technique and learning theory, your
improvisation will be mediocre and sloppy.

"Yes, there are two *paths* you can go by, but in the long run. There's
still time to *change* the road *you're on*. "

Why divide making music using dualistic oversimplification?  It is not an
"either/or" situation!

If you are inspired to create, you will study and practice to improve.

If you study and practice, you open the doorway to creating at a level not
previously available to you, whatever your inspiration was.


I enjoy seeing how different people approach the instrument and approach
making music.

I am enjoying the journey!  I still have a whole lot left to learn and do!
And I will choose my own way...

Doug S.

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