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They were nice combs, too! I saw some of the ones passed out by Hetrick. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the seminar, intrigued though I as by the offer of free combs. My one regret about helping to actually run the SPAH convention is that there is so much cool stuff going on that I can't get to - seminars, performances, jams.

SPAH is such a rich experience for everyone who attends, and Matthew has just given a great example.

Winslow Yerxa
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Subject: [Harp-L] Hetrick at SPAH

Not to toot our own horn, but we held two workshops on harmonica combs at
SPAH. Every attendee got a freebie. We talked about different materials
(woods, composites, corian, etc.). Sorry to those who missed. I estimate
that we gave away about 60 combs and a few harp cases etc.

I found that giving, rather than selling, to be a much more positive
experience -- much more enjoyable than sitting in a vendor room all day. We
did the seminars, walked around and handed out free schwag. I even did a
couple of harmonica repairs in my hotel room. All in all, it was a great
time and I hope we built up some goodwill in the harmonica community. Thanks
to Manfred and SPAH for having us.

Matthew Smart

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