[Harp-L] SPAH

The convention this year was great.ÂÂI'm finally getting caught up with sleep and almost back on a normal track.ÂÂHere are some observations from this years convention: 


The youth show and talent that was milling about wasÂincredible. The show Friday afternoonÂwas 25 years and down withÂBrandon Bailey hosting. The energy all through the week from these players wasÂfun to watch. I think they all stayed in the same room. 


The additional instruments of fiddle, bones, accordion, banjo, mandolin and guitar was a welcome sight. The jams were all over the hotel and highlyÂenergized, withÂBuddy Greene playing in a few. 


The Sat night show will go down in SPAH history. The Buddy Greene show was tender, hot and extremely entertaining. Stan Harper wowed us all as usual, with Harmonicamento doing us in. The techniques and pieces they Âplayed with unbelievable harmonies, had me in tears. 


I bought new Schaman harmonica from John Schaman. It's a chord harp that I had spent convention time getting familar with. Nice chord lay out. I just finished aÂU tube explaining the layout. Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4AZ1JD_458 



I want to thank everyone that made this years convention a hit. We attracted a new east coast clan but lost some regulars due to location and economy. Our numbers for attendees was about the same as last year and with the ways of todays world we are fortunate. W e're Âalready starting to plan bothÂ2012 and 2013 and hope they will be just as powerful.  





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