[Harp-L] MS Blows! for Jimmy Gordon

Bellows Falls, VT / PRBuzz / August 17, 2011—Harmonica legend Jimmy Gordon
takes his personal battle with Multiple Sclerosis into the recording studio.

*MS Blows!* is a new compilation CD of music featuring the harmonica that
was produced and recently released by Gordon. The CD was mastered by Billy
Shaw at Soundesign Studios in Brattleboro, VT.

Shaw and an A-List of harmonica superstars donated their musical talents to
this amazing work of art.  Fifty percent of all proceeds from the sales of *MS
Blows!* will go directly to relevant MS charitable organizations.

Jimmy began to suffer from the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis
back in 1997 but was not diagnosed until just two years ago.  MS is a
serious chronic neurological condition affecting a half-million people in
the United States.  There is no known cure and research is ongoing.

Harmonica artists that appear on *MS Blows!* include; Charlie McCoy, Kim
Wilson, Joe Filisko, “Jellyroll” Johnson, PT Gazell, Rick Estrin, Jim
Conway, Henry Lee Spencer, Eric “Two Scoops” Moore, The Nighthawks and
Swedish bluegrass band John Henry.

For more information about *MS Blows!* visit www.msblows.com . *MS
Blows!*can be purchased online at CD Baby

Media contact: Warren “Bee” Bachman, 508-461-9983 /  wlb at harptime dot com

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