[Harp-L] Poor presentations of harmonica how to videos

 Richard wrote: I run my Zoom H4 in parallel with the camera when I do a video, and I use Windows Movie Maker (which is bundled free with Windows) to sync up the sound 

Richard, let me see if i understand - when you are recording yourself, you use a separate recording device (the Zoom H4)to 
capture the sound because good sound is hard to capture on the camcorder itself. Then later when you are making the video, 
you sync the sound (edit it in)to the video using Windows Movie Maker.
 While u are recording, do you need to plug the Zoom into your camera?  Or do u plug your Zoom into the camera or computer 
only when you are actually making the YouTube video? Any advice will be appreciated.   
  I assume that the newer version of Movie Maker, Live Movie Maker, will also work?  tia.


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