[Harp-L] B-Radical for sale on Ebay

Yes, you read the subject line correctly. I am (reluctantly) selling my B-Radical harmonica (key of C). Go to Ebay and in the search field simply type "b-radical" or copy the following bid number - 110731188981. I have provided pictures and posted youtube video detailing everything.  This is by far the best harmonica I have ever played in my 17 years of playing and I can only hope that the new manufacturer upholds the same integrity to quality. 

I am selling this simply because I am in a desperate need for cash. Its the only one for sale on the market right now so its worth alot to me. Lastly, it plays just a good as the day I received it (last year), if not better. It does have a small chip on the back where the comb brace is (see pictures on ebay) but this in no way affects its tone or playability. 
Cheers all,

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