[Harp-L] Sonny Junior knows customer service!

 I signed on as a Sonny Junior supporter 15 years ago, (that's 1996), with the purchase of S.J.1 #33 serial number amplifier, and later my current stage amp, the Cruncher. I want to share a story that reflects why I'llÂremain a loyal customer of Gary Onofrio for another 15 years, Lord willing. 

 I traveled with some fellow musicians for a concert in Massachu setts last weekend, and on the way back through Connecticut yesterday decided to call Gary, in hopes of swinging byÂto catch up and Âtest drive the Avenger. On one hour's notice he welcomed us and spent several hours with us. ÂÂFirst a primer on harp mics (my best two mics came from him), making harp gaskets from Mortite weather stripping,  a lesson on how to test crystal mics, then Âwe played thro ugh his latest Super Cruncher speaker combo: arrived at the night before! The important thing here isn't how incredible the amp sounded, but the fact that Gary's work on any model he designs is never really through, as he is constantly innovating and improving, never believing that he can't make a good thing better! 

After showing us some of his chops he handed the mic to me for a test drive. In the process he rapidly made some important and succinct observations about my breathing and embrouchure and guided me through an on the spot lesson on how to fix it and get richer tone, improve my tongue blocking, and diaphragmatic vibrato. Stories about Sonny Terry (and Brownie McGhee) followed, along with a demo of some fine Sonny Terry playing (including the whooping). Out came the Avenger, which had enough power to ruffle my pants while preserving that great tone and perfect responsiveness and creamy distortion that has characterized all of his models.Â(This has 4 speakers, no two the same, and would blowÂany Harp-TonequesterÂaway!). I had to tear myself away as I had 4 or 5 more hours to drive, but am still marvelling at Gary's graciousness. 

I want to publicly thank Gary, "Sonny Junior" for his kindness to me over these 15 years as well as his dedication to his art, and his willingness to share what he has learned. 

Zig Zeller 

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