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I am willing to take another step towards respectability when  my
budget allows.  Where can I get a good black backdrop?  Is there  a
particular brand?
Michael  Rubin

To do this on the cheap visit a big thrift store such as Goodwill,  ARC, or 
Salvation Army.  Look for a solid color king size sheet, or at  least a 
queen.  Heavier is better for light blocking if there is a window  or other 
unwanted light source behind the subjects, get  something sheer if you wish to 
backlight through the cloth for some  different looks.  Easier to manage if 
it's a flat sheet but a fitted one  would work ok, just cut off the fitted 
corners if they are in the way or cause  unwanted creases.  If you get a 
sheer king it should be big  enough to fold double for better light blocking.
If you can't find a black one in a thrift store just pick up some  black 
Rit dye at any supermarket, don't get anything with a pattern as the  pattern 
will still show after dying.  If you want to keep that new wife of  yours be 
SURE to rinse the washing machine a few times with hot  water before you 
put any other laundry in, and be sure to launder your  newly dyed creation BY 
ITSELF the first few times!
Other dark colors can work ok too, & you can always dye it later on if  you 
need it to be black.  You might already have an old bed sheet in  the 
closet that will do the trick.
Was great to see you at SPAH!
Christopher Richards
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