[Harp-L] teaching vids, Rubin et. al.


For what it's worth, I think you took adequate steps to make good videos. When you started out, you had some sound and backdrop issues and you dealt with them and moved on. 

No you are not Mr. Shirt and Tie, but you are totally presentable, which is good for a relaxed one-on-one sort of feel and at the end of the day, no one (or precious few) will care how you are dressed.

I think of Chomsky who is never flashy and has made the point that what people go to him for is what he has to say (whatever you may think about what he has to say). 

Or as Billy Joel said, Don't Go Changin' To Try and Please Me.... 

Gussow had some lighting issues at the start; Buddha too, but didn't care and nor do I. Ricci and others had a number of vids in different settings.

Good golly, this is a case where content is really what matters. Do it in your own style, show some basic respect for the viewer and strive for clarity, I guess.

Kudos to you all who help the rest of us along.


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