Re: [Harp-L] Little Walter/West Weston

No offence taken, it's nice to see West gettin' discussed regardless... Too often great players get lost under the radar.


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   I'm going to apologize to Mark, Dave, and West Weston.  Didn't mean to
infer that West had nothing to say that wasn't Little Walter.  I based my
comment on the one track that was posted.  It struck me that this was kind
of a theme and variation on "Off the Wall".  It put me in a Walter mood
because I noticed right off that West was "playing drums" with his harp just
like Walter used to do.  Breathing right through the tune and keeping time
that way.  That's a Walter signature.  I also picked up on some of the
riffs, trills, and that great smear bend that Walter used.  I loved the
track, but I haven't listened to West's other stuff.  I had no intention
of characterizing him as a copyist but he definitely conjured up a Walter
feel to me on that track and it fit in with the other Walter post and
Sun-Times editorial that I wanted to write about.
   My "recreate" remark was more directed at other players and I should have
made that distinction.  I can tell you from 40 years of checking out Chicago
players, that I have sat many nights and heard guys refer note for note to
Little Walter solos while playing Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters, and Willie
Dixon tunes in Chicago taverns.  Many, many nights.  You can still hear
it today.  Because it's effective and timeless.
   Again, apologies to West, Mark, and Dave.  I should have made myself
clearer.  And I also apologize for misidentifying West as Wes but that's how
the original post referred to him.

Mick Zaklan

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