RE: [Harp-L] Poor presentations of harmonica how to videos

I haven't had time to look at this video yet (today I will), but wanted
to say that I don't care if Michael looked like "big foot that tripped
in a mud pit" or something, I'm just INTERESTED in what he has to offer!
Thanks Michael (as well as many others of you out there) for taking time
to put FREE videos on Youtube.

Just my thought...Jeff

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To you I say:
You are not my boss, dude.  I fought long and hard not to have one.
Don't like the instructional video that I gave to the world for free?
Don't watch.
Michael Rubin

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 11:36 PM,  <rogergonzales@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> After seeing the how to video done in a car in the dark I am wondering
what the heck is going on. Eddie Gordon gave me great advice when he
told me to ALWAYS dress a bit better than your audience. But some of the
people doing how to videos for harmonica are just being ridiculous. I
have seen videos done by guys who haven't combed their hair, looked like
they haven't bathed or look like they have slept in their clothes. At
the same time I have seen videos done by Richard Hunter and Dave Barrett
that are very well done. Professionally done and they look sharp as well
as playing well. This goes for clinics done at festivals, music stores
or NAMM as well as on U-Tube.
> If you are going to represent the harmonica in a video or a clinic
where the general public is going to see you for goodness sake take some
pride in your appearance as well as your playing. Enough!
> I just did a clinic at the Sonora Blues Festival with a young man who
hopefully will be around a long time. His name is Hank Shreve. Hank not
only sounded great but looked sharp as well. I have no doubt Hank will
continue to be a great ambassador of the harmonica.
> Take your craft more seriously. Take more pride in what you do and how
you do it. Especially if you are calling yourself a professional.
Represent yourself and the harmonica in a much better light.
> Roger Gonzales MA/Music Ed.
> Fresno CA.

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