[Harp-L] Album recommendation/ Miguel Weissman featured

Album recommendation: Indestructible Voices by Dean LandewDean is a rock singer and songwriter from NY. This album truly reflects the difficulty of the times we're living in, yet with a message of hope. It conveys the deep frustration and worry that millions of people are feeling about the economy, unemployment, home loss, dwindling incomes and savings, a lack of opportunities, and growing older without a safety net or retirement in sight. The music is bluesy and anthemic at the same time.

Miguel Weissman plays harmonica on nearly every song. He's the primary soloist throughout the album, and his performances range from the raw and powerful to the melodic and concise. All of it draws from a deep wellspring of American music. He's featured so prominently and creatively that he could revitalize the popularity of the instrument. His playing is the perfect complement to these compelling songs about hard times and survival.

http://deanlandew.bandcamp.com/   ;

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