[Harp-L] SPAH Blues JAMS

 This is what I can remember from two of the jams.
I may have the facts twisted around so forgive me if I do.

I usually waited until after midnight to go to the jams
because they were so crowded. You had pros at the
highest level playing with beginners.

I think this was the cast in one jam. If I remember correctly

To my left was the great harmonica player Jelly Roll Johnson diagonally
across from us was Tod Parrott another great player and next to
him the smokin' harmonica giant Buddy Greene.

There were other players who were fine players that I'm sorry I can't remember your names.

Man that was some jam.

Jam two

This one if I remember correctly

Had Will Scarlet, Steve Baker and I think Jellroll and Todd and Adam Gussow were there to.
Jimmy Gordon was next to me cracking me up as usual.

Joe Filisko says to me I like to hear something on that big 16 hole harmonica
I just don't use my Chromatic in that kind of setting so I motion to
Joe that I didn't want to so he says well if I can't do it I'll understand and made that
Joe face and so I say is that a challenge and the Joe face again LOL
So I play the solo on the chromatic and I think it came out ok.

Now whenever there's  a blues jam Joe gives me play the Chromatic high sign LOLLLLLLLLLL

Oh yeah it was an E blues on a C Chromatic 5th position for those counting.

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