[Harp-L] SPAH 2012?

Who's going?

Just kidding! Seriously, I let my SPAH membership slide this year due to
some $ pressures and the fact that I had hardly been touching my harps.This
was not a step lightly taken or without guilt. Now I've gotten back into it
and in fact am experimenting with rack playing ... sure would like to see
Madcat's rack as I have worked up something similar (in that I use a mic
stand) and am working up some tunes with vocals and uke or guitar or

So I reckon I'd better re-up for SPAH ...and after all the glowing reports,
I'm thinking to aim for next year's convention. Where will it be held?
Thanks to all who've sent and will send first-person accounts of this year's
and I eagerly await UTube vids,

Harpy Webtrails, Bob Loomis
Concord CA USA

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