[Harp-L] Spah Memorable Moments

My most memorable moments at SPAH 2011 included accepting the Award of Merit
on behalf of my dear friend Michael Polesky, watching my new friend Roger
Myerson join in his first EVER blues jam and deliver his first blues solo in
front of Madcat and Bonfiglio (on a Fourkey harp no less!), jamming Motown
tunes in the key of E on my LeGato chromatic with Jimmy Gordon on his
chromatic (Jimmy likes those sharp keys!), comparing diminished with Fourkey
at the bar with Grant Osborne, getting an incredible virtuosic private
demonstration from Wil Scarlet of a demented altered tuning that can only be
described as "Watch Out Something Awful is About to Happen" tuning!, and
jamming with Slim Heilpern and Ron Kalina on my Fourkey diatonic while
accompanied by Slim's Ipad.  And that's just for starters.  More memories to
come after I get a full night's sleep!

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