Re: [Harp-L] Blu-Tack and Solder: Go Brendan!

Just to toss in another option, Pat Missin used to recommend a mixture of brass powder and epoxy (this may have changed with all the press on Blu-Tak). Works great for me. Mix it up and it takes little of it applied to a reed tip to make the desired change in pitch (brass powder is certainly heavier than B-T). Use fast-setting epoxy and it takes little time to be ready for an Exacto knife for course tuning and a fine file for fine tuning. There is one advantage of this method compared to B-T: there is no worry about it coming off spuriously. I have harps that I re-tuned with this method that are still going strong after years of play. Yet, similar to B-T, all it takes is a well-placed flick in with that Exacto knife to remove it and restore the reed to its original pitch.

One thing, Blu-Tak certainly has going for it is availability. It took me some hunting to find brass powder. I finally discovered that sculptors use it to give a brass-look to pieces made of easier-to-work materials. Look for it at art or sculpture supply shops.

While on the subject, I must say that ole' Brendan Power must enjoy watching the ripples of his many innovations echo in the Harmonica Community "pond" for years after he announces them. The guy is years ahead of the rest of us in so many ways. It can be either inspiring or discouraging, depending on how you look at it. One thing's for sure, he's awesome however you look at (or listen to) him!

Go Brendan!


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