[Harp-L] re: optimized blues tuning

"what key Richter plates would I use to retune to the A OBT described here?"

this is what i do:
you need to draw a map of your desired new tuning.
then compare it to a chart that shows the map of all 12 richter tunings.
find the richter tuning in which for each individual hole (blow and draw
hole looked at separately)  *all *the notes are either equal to or higher in
pitch than the notes in the respective hole of your new tuning. this way you
will be adding solder to each reed to lower it to the new desired pitch. if
you're lucky some reeds will already be at the desired pitch. that's idea of
choosing a richter plate that is only as high as is absolutely necessary so
it will have all notes equal to or higher than your desired new note, again,
none lower.
none of the notes for each hole in the original richter plate can be lower
than your new desired note since that would require filing away original
reed material in order to raise the pitch to the new desired note. this
weakens the reed and shortens its life.

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