[Harp-L] SPAH Convention Report

We here at MegaTone Amps want to thank everyone who bought amps and cabinets and stuff and to all the great harp players who came by to demo our amps.  17 year old harp phenom, Josh came by and blew the doors off the room and right behind him, PT Gazell came by and demonstrated how absolutly clean and beautifull the same amp (Wezo 45) could sound.  It was truely a great SPAH for us.   Also......thanks to Dennis Olig for sharing the demo room with us.   We didn't stay for dinner, but as we were leaving I noticed Howard Levy hanging around the main lobby.  I'm sure the entertainment at dinner was awesome.

We heard some great stories, a few rumors and 1 disturbingly slanderous allegation from another amp builder who is obviously  having "issues", but all in all we had a great time and heard some world class players doing what they do.
Many thanks to all the folks who put together this years convention.

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