[Harp-L] Cheers For SPAH!

And to all my fellow conventioneers! Wow. It's hard to type this, but I won't be there with all of you this year. Finances... as often happens these days. I had to replace my total HVAC heat pump system last month and money went bye-bye big time.

Plus, it's just getting harder to afford the event. I used to get perks doing artwork for the conventions, but nowadays they can obviously get more mileage using commercial pros. Just logical, I guess.

The fact is this will be my first missed SPAH after 15 straight years, and I had loads of plans for making this one very special. (Several of us, who might attend, share Paul Butterfield's birthday, which is also the shared date of the first Wright brothers' flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, VA, just southeast of the SPAH site. I had hoped to mesh some sort of daytrip for us, but, oh well...)

Still, any SPAH event is amazing and NOT to be missed if at all possible! You harp kids are going to revel in this extravaganza for years to come... trust me!!! So, suck it up!! Engorge yourselves!!!

(Damn. I still can't believe I'm missing this.)

Love you all,
Miss You!!!

Bobbie G

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