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enzyme rich wrote:
<what i like for blues is the circular or spiral tuning (like seydel makes
<and your website talks about) which has a complete major scale without bends
<starting with the root note on 2 draw. so you have all 7 modes available if
<you wish to play in different positions
<this tuning is easily done by dropping solder on the reed tip

It's even more easily done by using Blu-Tack to weight the tip of the reed.  Blu-tack is available from various vendors on's website.

There are three advantages to using Blu-tack instead of solder:
1) It's faster and easier to apply than solder, given that you can adjust your work with a pen knife, and don't need a soldering iron (or experience in using one).
2)  You can change your mind at any time, remove the Blu-Tack from the reeds in a moment, and return to standard tuning.  Not so easy with solder.
3)  Enough Blu-Tack to adjust the tuning on hundred of harmonicas can be acquired for less than ten dollars.  In practice I've found that Blu-Tack is very durable--it stays put until I scrape it off.

The only lack I see in this approach is that you can't tune the pitch of a reed up using Blu-tack--only down.  But I suppose that applies to solder too.  

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